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  1. I wish you would report on the extreme overuse of tracheostomy. My father had a temp. trach put in for what was to be 3 to 7 days by a well known acute care hospital which converted from nonprofit to for profit. It was to be removed by that same facility, but instead, he was transferred to an infamous, also for profit LTAC. They never even attempted to give him the needed trial to DC the trach. He had excellent ability to clear his airway, as he would regularly launch mucus through the air from his exhaust tube, one left hanging on the window of his room for over a week, which we photographed. Of course, soon they said he was beyond the time limit, so he never did get his trial. He has the trach to this day. We recently saw a 54 year man being set up for the same scenario. We tried to warn the wife, but she still believed the doctors are dieties. I worked 34 years in healthcare at a major university. I have never been exposed to the money grubbing dishonesty and ineptitude I have experienced with my dad’s hospitalization (recently a very fit guy, similar to my friend Jack Lalanne). There was no way they were going to let him out of the hospital system until his estate was completely drained (at $6600.00 a day). They are now suing our entire family for a 1.5 year stay, which should have only been two weeks. At every turn it was just one more iatrogenic problem after another. Dad’s fitness level has enabled him to survive, but it has been hard on all of us, dad especially.


      Thank you for your comment. Sorry it’s taken a couple of days to reply. I will track down some useful information about tracheostomy management – we’re aware of several problematic issues with tracheostomy management. Perhaps we could start a project on this. I will get back to you with more information soon. Thanks again


      Hi Gretchen,

      I’ve provided a link to a document on management of tracheostomy tubes in NSW, Australia. Perhaps you could find the part of it which would be most relevant to your fathers management and we could discuss this further.

      Thanks again:

  2. Unfortunately the surgeon in my hospital still use unreusabl guided bugie for sleeve gastrectomy,,, they put it in cidix solution only for 5 m &then reuse for next patient I report them OVR manytimes no action was taken (malpractice issue) thanks

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