Remove Central Lines Supine

Turn the ‘Remove Central Lines Supine’ animation into your screensaver wallpaper with a clickable link to the animation by following these simple steps.

1. Click on image above and save as a PNG file in pictures folder.

2. For MAC: Go to System Preferences > Desktop and Screensaver > Desktop > pick image from pictures folder and click on it > select ‘fit to screen’.

2. For PC: open picture from folder so that you can see the image, and then right-click it to choose ‘Set as desktop background’.

3. Click on this link to play the video (click here)

4. Shift the window playing the video and then click on the URL and drag and drop it to a space on your desktop top create an icon

5. Minimise all windows then drag the icon to rest on Andy’s finger. Done.

If you need any help then please do get in touch.

For more information about central line related air emboli please click this link.

Thank you for your support.

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