Liposuction – Do You Consent?

There is no medical benefit to liposuction and significant risk of harm.

The death rate from liposuction, 1 in 5000, is 20 times greater than that of other surgical procedures.

There are many reports of infection including necrotising fasciitis with gross destruction of surrounding tissues.

Fat plays a beneficial role in metabolism and it’s removal can have unforeseen negative consequences.

Studies have shown the body compensates for fat loss by increasing fat in other, non-treated areas. The re-accumulated fat may appear in more obvious places – such as the face and arms and has been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

There are multiple reports of people gaining weight after liposuction.

Patients can suffer bowel perforationnerve damage and intractable pain afterwards and are often left unsupported. Compounded with other complications and financial loss this frequently leads to severe depression with several reports of suicide.


Are the risks of liposuction presented in this way to those considering the procedure?

Many websites use images of ‘perfection’ with photo-shopped models to coerce the public into having this procedure. An extensive study showed 76% of sites developed by private practising surgeons did not mention any risks associated with liposuction.

Prior to a death in 2016 from liposuction in Australia the surgeon had informed his patient the procedure was ‘no big deal‘.

Is it wise that the process of obtaining informed consent be left to those who benefit financially?

Perhaps it’s time for society to insist a generic process of informed consent is used to ensure patients fully understand the lack of medical benefit and profound complications.


Perhaps those considering liposuction may want to read the stories of others:

Mother dies after liposuction by renowned plastic surgeon

28 yr old woman from Adelaide dies from gangrene after liposuction

22 year old dies from gangrene following liposuction

26 year old dies 3 days after liposuction

Death after severe infection from liposuction

45yr old has cardiac arrest and dies from liposuction

57yr old woman dies from severe infection after liposuction

32yr old mother of two dies undergoing liposuction

33yr old dies from fat embolism syndrome from liposuction

25yr old dies from liposuction

7 hospital staff charged with causing death by liposuction

32yr old dies from liposuction

61yr old dies from liposuction she’d paid over $100,000 for

Denise’s colon punctured 9 times. She died from her injuries.

Fat embolism puts patient in intensive care after liposuction

Tom – doctors accidentally cut out muscle and other fibrous tissue.

Liposuction deformed my body. 

Body covered in divots.

‘I cry all the time & have suicidal thoughts because of the pain’

‘I can’t see myself ever feeling comfortable naked with a man again’

‘I have nerve damage and it hurts to sit’

‘I have this odd hanging area underneath both my buttocks’

‘I’m 34 and look worse than when I started’

‘At times it makes me not want to live anymore’

‘I haven’t had $ to fix this… I’m horrified’

‘I am still in extreme pain for majority of the time’

‘I can barely touch myself and the pain seems more intense’

‘I cannot sleep on my sides’

‘It was the most painful thing I have experienced in my life’

‘I am so depressed, I have never looked this bad in my life’

‘I have saddlebags instead of butt cheeks now’

‘It was honestly the most painful thing I’ve experienced’

‘It looks like a meat grinder got ahold of them under my skin’

‘I’m getting very discourage and hate how my body is reacting’

‘Tell your friends and family not to damage their bodies this way’

‘Wish there was more ‘real’ info about devastating consequences’

‘Areas where I had lipo’d actually feel like the skin is burning’

‘I am really scared that I’ll never look normal again’

‘Now I’m 30 lbs. heavier and deformed’

‘All I can say is DON’T DO LIPOSUCTION’

‘This procedure has ruined my looks, life and health’

‘Going to a board certified surgeon doesn’t guarantee good outcomes’

‘I look like an alien is living in my stomach’

‘Identity loss associated with botched surgery’

‘Every morning when I wake up I have panic attacks’

‘I cannot look at myself in the mirror because I cry’

‘Not happy. Came out with lumps of scar tissue’

‘Please god let this get better’

‘A legal case makes it difficult to maintain privacy’

‘I’d felt intimidated. The results were mortifying’

‘He butchered me! I am a dented, lumpy, bumpy mess’

Mortality rate from 2005 of 1 in 13,000

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