Ban Indistinct Chlorhexidine – Update


Indistinct chlorhexidine (circled) still exists in many hospitals despite almost 500 front line staff signing a petition to have it banned.

This completely unnecessary hazard has lead to the death and morbidity of many patients throughout the world (see here).

This issue highlights the failure of hierarchical top down structures in allowing work environments to be improved for patient safety. We will approach the TGA, FDA and MHRA again about this subject.

In the meantime there is an avenue for you to have it removed from your hospital. One of the manufacturers – Perrigo / Orion – has listened to our concerns and have gone to great lengths to produce 0.5% chlorhexidine in alcohol which is obvious & distinct. Their tinted red (far right) stains the skin, while their tinted pink (2nd from right) does not stain the skin.

These solutions cost the same as the indistinct solutions.

If you work in a facility which has indistinct chlorhexidine then please pass this post on to your hospital procurement officers & department heads.

Please note we have no financial interest with Perrigo / Orion or any of the other products discussed on the PatientSafe Network.

Contact details for Perrigo Australia:

PH 1800 805546
Email –

Letter from ACQSHC regarding correspondence with TGA dated 29.9.17:

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