Ban Pholcodine

Pholcodine is an opioid drug found in some cough suppressants. It’s banned in several countries which as a result have much lower death rates from severe allergic reactions to anaesthetics. These countries supply alternative cough suppressants with similar efficacy which do not pose this risk.

Pholcodine in cough suppressants puts patients at unnecessary risk for no extra benefit.

Please sign the petition (click here) to ban Pholcodine containing medicines. This petition goes directly to the Therapeutic and Goods Administration in Australia, major pharmacies and manufacturers of Pholcodine containing products.

If you require a cough suppressant ask your pharmacist for one which does not contain Pholcodine.

We’ve provided a list of Pholcodine containing medications below.

Please read on for more information.

Anaesthetic doctors and allergy specialists have been striving for many years to ensure patients are provided with the safest conditions for their care. Please click on the images below and please help us deliver improved patient safety: click here to sign the petition to #banpholcodine.


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