Name & Role Scrub Hats

Several manufacturers throughout the world are now supplying ‘name & role’ scrub/theatre caps. Please click on images below for web links:


If you hear of any others please let us know and we will add to the list.

Evidence indicates there is no difference in infection rates between cloth reusable and disposable hats (see here). Further based on dynamic operating room and fabric assessment cloth hats appear to be superior to disposable bouffant hats (see here).

Within Australia ACORN standards indicate that reusable hats are okay to be used – please see below for the relevant standard.

For those who work outside theatre the #HelloMyNameIs badges can be purchased through this link

Thank you for your support for Patient Safety.

ACORN Standard for Perioperative Nursing in Australia – Perioperative Attire:

For those still unsure about the benefits of name & role hats please click on this link:

#TheatreCapChallenge – Where’s The Evidence


  1. Sandra Hackett

    This is an amazing idea. Just can’t believe this hasn’t been thought of before especially as in theatre 🎭 we all look 👀 the same.
    On the wards we can wear wear name badges. When I started Nursing 🤱 in 1960 we didn’t have name badges just different colour uniform 🥋 Yellow for a student nurse, purple for a staff nurse. Pink for an Auxiliary nurse and navy blue for a Sister. Beautiful starched aprons white caps.If needed by a patient they just called nurse and any grade of nurse went to their aid. Now it is very different. They wear overalls , trousers 👖 etc and then go shopping 🛒 to And take their germs with them around the store. My Matron would sack you. We had to leave our uniforms in the Hospital They were sent to the hospital laundry and you were never allowed to take them outside .


      Thanks mum, I know others have thought of the idea too however healthcare uses a command structure which creates a culture stifling change and improvement. Front line staff are too scared to speak up for fear of negative repercussions.

      This needs to change. The statement from my hat – the culture of healthcare needs to change so that front line staff can be empowered to improve their work environments in the best interest of patient care.

      All my love from sunny Avoca ❤️

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