The margins of safety for administration of sedation and local anaesthesia are very narrow. While the inexperienced may often get away with it, the internet is replete with unnecessary deaths and injury when it doesn’t go right.

Patients die from cosmetic surgery in several ways

Toxic doses of local anaesthetic are administered which cause cardiac arrest. This may be the cause in both the recent Chippendale case and the cases last year at Bondi Junction. There is a narrow margin between therapeutic and toxic doses of local anaesthetic. Where surgeons try to perform large procedures under local anaesthetic these margins may not exist at all.

The patient suffers airway obstruction and impairment of their breathing because of the sedation provided. This is what happened to Michael Jackson, and likely played a role in the death of Joan Rivers. Without the skills, equipment and facilities to provide airway and breathing support patients will continue to die unnecessarily.

Patients die or are severely debilitated because of tissue damage, infections and physiological stress from the procedures themselves. Particles (emboli) of fat or prosthetic filler can enter the blood system and block the circulation causing cardiac arrest. Further many people have committed suicide because of the resultant appearance of their cosmetic surgery.

Even when strict standards are attained, no corners cut, patients still suffer adverse events.

Beyond this there is another pressing issue that we must not overlook.

As an anaesthetist I assess sick patients booked for surgery to treat disease. Sometimes after open discussions between the patient, surgeon and myself we decide that the risks of operation exceed the benefits. This decision, that their quality of life is greater through avoiding surgery, is never made easily.

There is no medical benefit to cosmetic procedures and there is significant risk of immediate and long term harm. Any perceived psychological benefits are influenced by the heavy advertising people are subjected to. Societal pressure impairs people’s ability to accept their own natural beauty.

While cosmetic surgeons might provide a semblance of the risks involved, how tangible are these risks to the patient? Do their patients see the images of tissue destruction and learn of the misery suffered by many?

Perhaps with cosmetic practice it’s time for the level of counter advertising that’s been so successful in Australia to curtail cigarette smoking.

Should we insist images of perceived perfection be removed, banned, and replaced with the real images of harm from cosmetic surgery?

Below we’ve started collating deaths from cosmetic surgery. Please click on each story to read more:

Florida woman dies from buttock implant procedure

2 people charged with manslaughter after death of cosmetic salon owner having breast enlargement

Payed $35,000 and died from the cosmetic surgery

31 year old mother

2 deaths at same cosmetic practice in Miami

29yr old dies having buttock & breast surgery

Death from fat embolism during penile enlargement

Death after breast lift and tummy tuck

25yr old dies after breast enlargement & tummy tuck

Death after face and neck cosmetic surgery

Mother dies from liposuction

Death after severe infection from liposuction

Joan Rivers Death

10 people who died from plastic surgery

Death post buttock enhancement injection

53yr old commits suicide after facelift

Severe pain after mole removal leads 44yr old lady to commit suicide

29yr old dies from breast revision surgery

24yr old dies from complications related to anaesthesia

29yr old dies from fat embolism

Gold Coast woman dies at hands of Mexican cosmetic surgeon

Death of Farah Qassab from cosmetic surgery

25yr old dies from Brazilian Butt Lift

20yr old dies from silicone injection

Death from multi-organ failure secondary to cosmetic surgery

57yr old woman dies from infection secondary to liposuction

Death from plastic surgery to lips & chin

36yr old dies from cosmetic surgery

4 deaths from cosmetic surgery

24yr old dies undergoing cosmetic surgery

32yr old mother of two dies undergoing liposuction

3 deaths from buttock injections

Death of woman having plastic surgery – for over the hundredth time

56yr old Olympic gold medallist dies having cosmetic surgery

33yr old dies after having silicone injected into her hips

7 hospital staff charged with causing death by liposuction

29yr old dies after liposuction, butt and breast augmentation

24yr old taken off life support 2 weeks after breast augmentation

63yr old leaves behind wife & 3 sons

2 doctors indicted for felony murder of lady having cosmetic surgery

Mother to 7yr old twins dies from gluteoplasty

32yr old dies from liposuction

31yr old dies from cosmetic injections

Woman dies after butt enhancement injections

20yr old dies after receiving injections of silicone and Krazy Glue

Woman dies from pulomonary embolism after plastic surgery

Mother suffers stroke 2 days after cosmetic surgery, then declared brain dead

Death of Micheline Charest

29yr old dies after lung perforated 4 times

50yr old declared brain dead after cosmetic surgery

34yr old dies from silicone buttock injections

Mother of 3 dies undergoing liposuction 

28yr old dies from local anaesthetic toxicity during liposuction

53yr old dies during dual cosmetic procedure

Patient dies from infection due to liposuction

Death from liposuction

3 deaths from cosmetic procedures

Doctor faces manslaughter after death of 59yr old employee from liposuction

61yr old dies after liposuction she’d paid over $100,000 for

This list represents only some of the deaths we’ve found reported on the internet, perhaps a small percentage of the true number.