Code of conduct:

The PatientSafe Network is committed to improving patient safety.

Endeavours towards improved patient safety need to be focused on this aim and not towards personal, company or financial gain.

Please avoid using any patient or staff identifying details.


Privacy & Confidentiality

Medical professionals are placed in a position of trust and are regularly privy to sensitive information. We strive to operate in accordance with the relevant privacy legislation.
We undertake to handle information in a confidential and sensitive manner and not use information for personal gain.
We will under no circumstances discuss or disclose any confidential patient information.


Individuals may be faced with situations that are not specifically addressed in this code. When dealing with these, individuals should ask themselves the following questions to assist in determining an appropriate course of action:

– Is it legal?

– Is it consistent with our values, principles and policies?

– Do I think it’s the right thing to do?

– What will the consequences be for patients, other parties, and me?

– Can I justify my actions?

– Are my actions transparent? Is there anyone else who I should make aware of my actions?

– Do my actions put anyone’s health and safety at risk?